How to use this website

You can use this site in several ways. If you're planning to use it more than once, we encourage you to sign up, it's free and it enables you to use the site far more efficiently.

You can select the images you want, and add them to your "lightbox". If you're not logged in, this only works as long as you stay on the site. If you are logged in, that lightbox is yours for life. You can add pictures that you like to your lightbox, and later decide if you really want to buy them or not.


The subscriptions are great if you need pictures of Gran Canaria often, for example for a magazine or a website or social media. You decide how many you want per given time period, and save a lot of money by doing so. Let's say you've decided you want 180 pictures over the period of 3 months. That would give you an average of 2 pictures per day. You decide when and how many you download. The site will keep track of the amount of photos you've downloaded, and will show it to you every time before you download a picture.

After logging in, in your own section of the website, you'll see a 'subscriptions' menu link. If you click on it, you'll see until when your sbscription is valid and how many downloads you have left.

we will *not* automatically renew your subscription, you will have  to do that yourself. If you like our service, just click the 'renew' button or choose a new subscription, pay for it, and the photos are all yours again.

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